Coaching Bundle: Client Contract and Website Policies

A client contract for coaches providing 1:1 coaching services or group coaching, Terms of Use for your website, and a GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy, with video tutorials on how to quickly customize your templates.

This coaching bundle is perfect for those just starting their coaching business or those looking to level up in their legal sophistication and get serious about protecting their business! This bundle is perfect for coaches in an array of fields including life coaches, business coaches, health and wellness coaches, marketing and brand coaches, and any other service provider offering coaching and/or consulting services in private or group sessions.


When do I need this bundle?


This bundle is for service providers offering a package of coaching sessions and related services, who also operate a website.


What does this bundle include?


  • Coaching Agreement

This coaching agreement is a customizable contract template that you can tweak with your details and change for each client or group program to make sure that you get paid, provide clear disclaimers to your coaching services to avoid liability, and legally protect your business in the unfortunate event that a disagreement arises.


  • GDPR-Compliant Privacy Policy

If you have a website, it is crucial to have comprehensive terms of use and a privacy policy that complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).


You may be thinking, “But I don’t have any clients or customers in the EU, so I don’t need that.” Well, actually, if you have a website…you do need it. The law reaches anyone or any website that collects even so much as an IP address or an email address for your mailing list from someone who resides in the EU.


This privacy policy also addresses US laws like the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and the California Online Privacy Protect Act.


  • Terms of Use

Your Terms of Use help you to comply with several different U.S. laws, protect your intellectual property, and clearly set forth how people can use your website and under what conditions their permission to access and use your website may be terminated. They will also help to limit your liability in the event that a legal claim is brought against you relating to an individual’s use of your website.

When you download your templates, you will receive video tutorials on how to quickly customize your templates. Simply add your details, post your policies on your website, and send your contract to your new client!