Daily Tips for Daily Client Leads

Daily Habits for Daily Client Leads

So you launched a business! You finished your website, you finalized the paperwork, and you are ready to get to work. So far, you have done all of this hard, grueling work without profit because you are passionate about the services you are providing and people you are serving. But now it’s time to make some money.  

Businesses need clients because clients bring in money. We understand this necessity intellectually, but we often struggle trying to find and land our ideal clients. Most business owners, at one point or another, find ourselves asking: how do I find more clients?

There are a few simple, daily habits you can easily implement into your schedule to help you find client leads.

  • Talk about your business.
  • This is the simplest, yet most overlooked strategy to find client leads. Depending on your personality, you may have cringed just reading that sentence. It’s hard to talk about ourselves, especially when we are worried about looking “salesy” or offending someone by asking for a sale when they actually are not interested in our products or services, or perhaps just aren’t yet ready to purchase.

    This is a valid fear, but how can you help the people you are meant to help if they don’t know that you or your business can solve the problem they are looking for a solution to? Start simple: tell your best friend, tell your family, talk about what’s new in your business when people ask how you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to talk about your business – it’s the only way the world will know you are open and ready for business.

  • Ask for referrals.
  • Asking for help can be hard. We don’t want to put people in awkward situations or make anyone feel badly for saying no. But more often than not, this is all in our heads. In reality, most people are more than happy to give you the names of a few other people they know who are your ideal clients because they want others to experience the level of satisfaction they have experienced from working with you.

    Asking for referrals is not about being greedy or asking people for money. Rather, it’s about looking for more opportunities to help more people.

  • Network, network, network.
  • Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s notwhat you know, it’swho you know”? In the world of business, this rings very true. Again, it’s impossible for you to serve the people you are meant to if they don’t know you and your business exist.

    Now, you should make sure that you are networking with the right people, not just any people. If your ideal client is women business-owners, trying to network in a Facebook group centered on your favorite sports team is probably not the best place to spend your time. Once you find your niche and get to know more of your ideal clients, as well as people in your industry (yes, online friends count!), you will begin to see client leads pop up because you are building relationships with the people you are serving.

    Implement these activities into your business the way it makes sense for you, and the next time you find yourself wondering how you are going to find your next client, get back to the basics and remember these three simple tips for daily client leads.