Brandlaw: A Legal Blueprint for Launching and Running Your Business [EBook]

Equip yourself with the information you need to launch and run a legally compliant and protected business!


Sometimes the most difficult part of beginning a new business is navigating the behind the scenes elements. All of the various aspects of making sure your business is legally compliant and protected can be daunting, especially when you have your hands full with the million other tasks necessary to launch a new business.


And it can be even more stressful to simply not know what you don't know.


In Brandlaw, you will learn crucial legal information you need to become familiar with when launching and running your business:


  • Conducting a trademark search early on in the branding process,
  • Choosing a legal entity for your business and the tax and legal implications of each option,
  • Creating a GDPR-compliant privacy policy and terms and conditions for your website,
  • Drafting contracts like partnership and service agreements,
  • Protecting your intellectual property,
  • Handling independent contractor and employee matters, and
  • Other unique legal considerations you may encounter in your business.


The last chapter is a reference guide for specific industries, which explores pertinent legal issues for:


  • Service-based businesses,
  • Selling products online,
  • Running a subscription box business,
  • Importing and exporting,
  • Protecting your photography business,
  • Selling cosmetics or food items,
  • Starting an affiliate marketing program, and
  • Launching an online academy, course, or membership program.


We will also take “law breaks” between every other chapter and explore some of the more creative and motivational aspects of entrepreneurship. Through this book, I am excited to play a small part in your big dreams!