Our Story

Hi there! I'm Kailey Jacomet, founder of Contractista.


A bit over two years ago, I was working long hours as a trial attorney. I had studied and worked so hard to get that prestigious position, but as I drove to work, I would frequently recall memories of my husband and I traveling the world and living abroad, wondering if my greatest adventures were behind me. Meanwhile, I dreamt of the future and knew that, unless something changed dramatically, my next chapter of life, motherhood, would not look like I had always longed for it to be.


What I wanted was to be a mother, lawyer, and adventurer - not in different seasons but all at once. It’s who I am, but I feared that my chosen profession would make my vision impossible. Then, I held that little girl in my arms.


My daughter is fearless. I’ll be the last person to get in the way of that spirit, particularly through my example to her. So, with the courage placed into my life by a 7-pound baby, I embarked on the journey toward the life I imagined for us.


A life that allowed me to be present for the most precious moments of her life and be highly involved in her care and education. A life that allowed us to spend time with our extended family for more than a long weekend, before rushing back to the office. A life that allowed us to fly to Chiang Mai, Thailand, rent a little villa and teach her how to properly bathe a baby elephant. A life that allowed us to do these things, while using my own education and skills to make an impact more significant than I could have made at my old job.


Guess what? It’s all possible and it’s all happening. Maybe elephant baths aren’t your jam, but when you acknowledge that no one else is coming to offer you the dream life you hold in your heart and fully commit to creating that reality for yourself, it happens.