Membership Site Terms of Use

Launching a membership site is a great way to make your content, knowledge, and resources available to a wide-range of people, while generating a passive income that allows you to stay in creation mode and build a value ladder to higher ticket offerings.


It is crucial that you don't forget to provide terms of use for your membership site!


Your terms of use will protect your intellectual property, set forth rules for members and terms of cancellation and payment, make it clear that only those who purchase a membership can access and use the information, and keep the content you worked so hard to create confidential.


When do I need this policy?

If you are selling access to a membership site, members should agree to these terms of use upon purchase.


What does this policy include?

You will receive customizable terms of use for your membership site. It requires only a few tweaks to add your information and you’ll be ready to go!

Our Membership Site Terms of Use template covers:

  • Purchaser Rights, Conduct, and Limitations
  • Submissions
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Limited License
  • Confidentiality + Non-Disclosure
  • Technology Disclaimer
  • Payment + Fees
  • Charges + Cancellations
  • Refunds
  • Limitation of Liability
  • And More!

When you download your template, simply add your details and you're ready to go!